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      Surface Physics, Nano Science, Spin Science, Dirac Electrons, Superconductivity

      We study the exotic macroscopic quantum phenomena at the surface that occur due to the quantum and relativistic effects.
     The three main ingredients of our research are:
      (i) fabrication of novel materials
      (ii) developing new experimental methods
      (iii) exploring new physics.
     Other than the experiments we do at our lab., we go to synchrotron facilities or other user facilities to do state-of-art measurements.
     We also have a lot of collaboration with theorists to explore novel quantum phenomena.

     Here is an article on our research in International Innovations.

       Key words: loss of inversion symmetry, spin-orbit interaction, Rashba effect, topological insulators, phase, monolayer systems,
               ultrathin films, low-dimensional nano structures, Dirac electrons, ultrathin superconductors

       Experimental methods: Spin-and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy/
                      spectroscopy/potentiometry, electron diffraction, molecular beam epitaxy, surface transport

     If you are interested in the above topics, please contact Toru Hirahara.